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Respawn Entertainment is the developer of Titanfall CD Key, which is a first person, multiplayer shooter game. Electronic Arts, is its publisher. This game got released on 11th March 2014 for Xbox One and MS Windows. On 8th April 2014, Bluepoint Games had released t eh Xbox 360 ported version. In this game, the players are said to have the ‘pilots’ to be controlled as well as their mech-styled Titans. The game is stated to be quick paced, helped by wall running abilities, continual action and computer controlled soldier population. In just one game, about fifty characters could be active. For optimizing local graphical performance, the non-player activity had been offloaded to cloud computing services of Microsoft. The project required the 65 member team to get inspired from the different titles like Abrams Battle Tank, Star Wars, Masamune Shirow of ‘Ghost in Shell’ and Blade Runner.

During its E3 reveal in 2013, Titanfall is said to have accumulated over 60 awards, which includes the E3, six Critics Awards that has been termed to be record breaking as well as earning from the different media outlets the ‘best of show’. Also, it had won Gamescom’s official awards at Tokyo Game Show.

Game Information

Release Date
11th March 2014
Electronic Arts
Total Rating
Content Rated
M (Mature)
Game Modes
Player Perspectives
First person
Action, Science fiction
PC (Microsoft Windows), Xbox 360, Xbox One