Activate Russian CD Key

Activate Russian CD Key

[box type="warning" align="" class="" width=""]Always read the description for your selected game, some Russian CD Key require a VPN to actually play the game, not just activation. Further, taking actions such as these contravenes the Steam Subscriber Agreement and may result in negative action against your account. Activate Russian CD Key at your own risk![/box]

Most regular customers of online cd key store will be aware of Russian CD Keys. They are sourced from Russia (duh) and are usually a lot cheaper than their region free counterparts. Why is this? Well, bluntly, a game that would cost $70 in the United States or Australia just won't fly in Russia, so in order to get the game selling in Russia, the publisher lower the prices...dramatically.

What that means for us Westerners is we can buy steam keys which were destined for the Russian market, but activate the on our normal Steam account. This is done by assigning our computer a Russian IP address whilst we activate the game on steam.

For a long time we have been using the services of our partner sites here on CDKeyPrices. A lot of the time (mostly due to costs and high traffic) the services were a bit slow. We decided to invest in our own quality VPN service (we decided on the awesome TorGuard so users travelling through the site can activate it straight away and not have to wait around connecting to slow Russain/Polish servers.

Russian cd keys are a great way to save many and only take a 1 minute or so to get going. Follow the below easy to follow steps to be up and playing in minutes! If you have any troubles please get in contact with us.

Step 1 - Get The PBK File

Whilst you can connect to the VPN using more advanced programs, such as OpenVPN, we thought it would be a little easier for you if we pre configured all the settings you need in a dedicated file. In comes the .pbk, or Microsoft Phonebook. This file is easy to use and very small to download. First things it!

[box type="download" align="aligncenter" class="" width=""]Click Here To Download[/box]


Step 2 - Get It Going

I usually download the .pbk straight to my desktop, so I can easily delete once it's done.

Double click on it to run. The server we need to connect to is already chosen (there is only one). Some other games might require another country's IP to make it work (for example, some games will not work in Japan) and if thats the case, simply contact us and we will look at adding a few more countries to the drop down list.

Open the file.

Hit Connect.

Enter the details of

username = cdkeyprices
password = cdkeyprices

Step 3 - Verify Your IP Address

Simply head to WhatIsMyIP

You should note in the Country section that it now says "Russian Federation". What this means is that your IP has successfully changed and will trick Steam into thinking you are in Russia and allow you to activate the game in Steam.

Step 4 - Open Up Steam & Activate Russian CD Key

Once you have verified your IP address has changed, we are free to open up Steam and activate our game.

  • At the top of Steam, click on "Games"
  • Select "Activate a product on Steam"
  • In the windows that comes up click "Next"
  • Read the Agreement the click "I Agree"
  • Paste the code you got from your chosen cd key store into the text area and click Next.
  • Now click close, DO NOT START THE DOWNLOAD.
  • Close steam completely.
  • Open the CDKeyPrices.pbk file again and select Hang Up

..and thats it!

Step 5 - Close VPN & Get Back Our Normal IP

Once your game has successfully activated, we need to make sure Steam is completely closed down.

Next, open up the CDKeyPrices.pbk file again and select Hang Up. I always like to go back to WhatIsMyIP to check it has changed back to my normal country and IP address. This will ensure everything is back to normal but most importantly means you will commence downloading the game from your own regions servers and not those from Russia, which might take a while!

Enjoy. Russian based stuff are a great way to get cheap steam keys. Always read the description carefully!

111 Replies to “Activate Russian CD Key”

  1. will the game be in russian if I use this method or will i be able to use the game in English?

    1. Depends on the game! Most of them still have English as a language, but some need to have language packs added

  2. i have the game in the inventory of steam, but i cannot add it to the library with this method, the web “what is my ip” says i’m in moscow, but steam still says im not allowed to take the game.

    1. I believe the game needs to be activated with the VPN…I think this is the mos important part…what game are we talking about here anyways?! 😛

  3. Hey so i really want to try this but im sceptical about doing it as ive heard once you activate the game with the vpn you always have to use the vpn to play it and i dont really wanna go through the hassle and i heard steam can ban your steam account for doing it? And the game i wanna do this for is Borderlands the pre sequel ~Evan

    1. Hi there, let me have a look at this game, I didn’t know there was a Russian version!

    1. If a game is released in the region free and russian version, we will usually split them up as the Russian are sometimes cheaper. What usually occurs after a period of time if the region free version becomes as cheap as the Russia version, at which point I remove it. At this point in time we don’t have any Russian/VPN games listed for price comparison, but they come and go all the time!

      1. Maybe you have a VPN program installed? I dont, but as I say, you just have to save it with .PBK at the end and it works fine

  4. I have a question!
    When i activated a game like fifa 15 or something. Can i play with my friends with te global version and do i need every time when i’m gonna play it turn my vpn on? Plz awnser me because this will spend me a lot of money if it mwill work!

    1. It really depends on the game!! But most yes it is only the language that needs checking, but some are locked to Russian servers. Havent seen one like that in a while though. Always read the description on the website you pick.

  5. I’ve just bought a Civilization Beyond Earth key that is RU region. I have used your method and managed to successfully enter the game key. Relogged without the .pbk and Steam will not allow me download it because of the region lock. I think it may be fair to warn users that Steam is now doing this!

    1. Thanks for this. As I mentioned, its very important to check each game. Did you manage to fix the issue? I haven’t looked into the Russian Civ versions to be honest.

      1. Not yet, no reply from steam support to allow me to remove it to get a normal version, and ignored by the seller on if I can trade it back with the added monetary difference for my region. I have a feeling it is new releases on Steam now… Perhaps old RU keys will continue to work.

        1. Let me know what’s going on, I did the same thing, but with Ghosts, and it won’t let me even download it.

          1. Unfortunate news. My vendor refused any kind of exchange or refund, and Steam wasn’t budging either. I had no option but to cut my loses, losing all the money I paid for the RU version, and only yesterday did Steam commit to removing it completely from my library so I could purchase it legitimately region-free (at the naturally higher price).

      2. It does seem to be a Steam-wide crackdown on any new keys that are region locked. That being said, the support staff were helpful and very nice to me considering they almost positively knew I was cheating them out of pocket by doing what I tried to do.

  6. I activated CoD: Advanced Warfare RU with the pbk file but then I forgot to exit steam and instantly pressed download whilst still being connected to the Russian IP. It then said the game is region locked and when I disconnected from the VPN and tried again with my normal IP it also says it’s region locked. Is it because of what I did wrong or is it an issue with this specificc game?

      1. Which shop did you guys buy it from? Did they have specific instructions on their site?

        1. G2A No specific instructions there but same thing here did the activation but the download is broke i thing this is a bug steam sided i seen also people from ukriane dat have the same problem.

    1. I did the exact steps and it says when I go to install. “This game was activated with a product code that is valid only in a specific geographic region. Since you are not currently in that region, CoD-AW – Multiplayer is not available to play. :/

      1. Same problem here. I can only make it start when using a RU vpn. If I don’t use it Steam doesn’t say that is installed on the system!

          1. I simply connected to the VPN, then when it started I’ve disconnected from the VPN. The download procedeed normally then

  7. I’ve activate CoD: Advanced Warfare RU, following this guide I bought it from G2A. I connected to the VPN, activated the game, and started downloading it, then I’ve disconnected from the VPN and the download continued normally. Now the problem is that If i don’t connect to the VPN and Start steam after doing this Steam won’t let me start CoD. And I can’t play online because it does not connect to the servers… Any suggestions?

  8. Try to connect using the .pbk and U & P in the guide, but get “error 691: The remote connection was denied because…” Basically it doesn’t like the U&P…

      1. That would be awesome, thanks. I have been looking at a subscription VPN for $6 per month, but this sort of defeats the point, considering it’s used to buy RU keys to save money…

      2. I’m having the same issue, can you tell me if you’ve managed to fix this please?

        1. Hi there…I have just emailed the website I am with for the service, appears I have some sort of billing issue I wasn’t aware of!!

          Will get back to you 🙂

  9. Does this officially work yet? i just saw how much cheaper Dying Light was if i bought an RU pre-order key.

  10. Does this officially work yet? or does steam still give you issues when using this method? because an RU Dying Light key is a hell of a lot cheaper

  11. so whenever I put “Yes I have steam, install your new game now” all it says on steam is preparing list of steam licenses and it just stays there nothing downloads and the game doesnt appear

  12. I’ve opened the VPN up, have the game (H1Z1) in my inventory, tried to redeem it and add to library but still doesn’t work. please help

  13. Today it changed my currency to dollars, kinda funny.
    Tried it yesterday too, my steam (on browser) was in russian, but my steam client was still european, couldnt activate mah steam gift on neither of em’. I’ve been lookin for working VPN for a while and nothing worked out so far. Any ideas?

    1. hello, i bought evolve monster monster race edition and i was able to install and activate it via vpn and then i stumbled upon the region lock problem. i tried the fix multiple times but it just doesn’t work for me. i even went so far as to completely uninstall then reinstall steam and then proceeded with the fix but i just can’t get it to work. i can get so far as downloading and installing then running once then exit steam and vpn then adding the non steam game with id. i use cdkeyprices vpn and flyvpn together to download and install but somehow the shorcut thing doesn’t work for me. any thoughts?

      1. yea bro for evolve it didnt work for me by putting the text file in same folder as the evolve.exe. i had to put the text file in the evolve.exe folder (which was the common/EvolveGame/Bin64_SteamRetail folder) AND i had to put the text file in the common/EvolveGame folder. it will work for you if you do put it in both folders. need anymore help let me know.

        1. i got it to work now. thanks a lot man. i haven’t tried multiplayer yet though; inviting friends to play. if i learned anything from this is that vpn activated games are usually a pain. i guess i’m lucky i found a thread with the same issue with the same game

          1. so did you have to did you have to put the text file in both folders that i listed above to get it to work? Also since its a non-steam game you will not be able to invite friends to play with you, they might be able to invite you im not sure, but i was not able to invite any of my friends. So i had steam delete evolve from my library and i bought the Russian steam GIFT of the game and activated vpn and now its not region locked so i can invite friends and they can invite me.

            actually on the vpn games pain part, if you dont do the digital key and do the steam gift via vpn its alot easier and you dont have to worry about the region lock. i dont think i’m ever buying a russian digital key again i think im stickin with the steam russian gifts. never had a problem with the gifts, just the digital keys.

          2. yes i did, it worked like a charm. i just finished a session with friends. i can confirm that they can invite me but we forgot to go about me inviting them. next time we play, i’ll insist on inviting them then i’ll post an update here.
            thanks on the tip with with steam gifts. i’ll remember that next time i decide to buy a game. high five

          3. I can confirm that I cannot invite my buddies to game but they can invite me. They just hear that tone whenever you receive an invite but nothing on the chat

          4. okay confirmed then. it did the same with my buddy and I. have fun good luck.

  14. Bought a Russian game, able to activate it, but Steam will not let me download it even though I am still connected to VPN. Any solutions people?

    1. Hi there Grove88, are you the person I have just responded to via email? I need a bit more info about your game. I am trying not to list them anymore as they are harder and harder to get working!

      1. Hi there admin, I am not the person you are referring to. I bought Evolve basic version. I have to connect to the VPN and download it, and then use the workaround Rob provided to get it working. Hope that helps thank you.

  15. been waiting for 5 days now, no responses to any of my emails. the Xbox account I ordered is no longer on the website. very very dissappointed with you guys. you took my money but have not sent me an email as to what’s going on with my account. horrible customer service DO NOT BUY FROM THESE PEOPLE

    1. Hi there… What store did you make the purchase from?

      Remember, I’m just tracking prices, and I don’t track Xbox One accounts! Still happy to help…

      1. I purchased it from CJS CD Keys, and it is an Xbox account. Order #535617, any way you could help me would be greatly appreciated.

        1. Lmao, wtf are you ranting on about, in the comment section of, if you made your purchase on a completely different side, tard?

  16. Hi.I use vpn to activate key, but when I use it to download the game will not let me download someone could help me pls.

  17. Hi! I activated a russian version of both Advanced Warfare and Dying Light on steam. I was able to activate/download/run them both. However, when I needed to reinstall them, even when I followed the steps above exactly, and when ip address sites say I’m in Russia, steam still says that the games cant be played in my region. Any advice?
    Thanks for all your help in advance!

  18. Game is region locked so it is compulsory to use a VPN for the entire time when you are playing. And for this we need a VPN which show Russian Ip. I search on internet with the search term of Best Russian VPN and found VpnRanks, which is a VPN review site. Then I choose a VPN provider from there and after that I haven’t got any problem with my game.

  19. hey,i activated ARK: Survival Evolved using a ru/cis gift, now, everytime i start the game i have to use the vpn, otherwise i get this message:This game was activated with a product code that is valid only in a specific geographic region since you are not currently in that region,ARK: Survival Evolved is not available to play, any fix?:(((

    1. nope. Now you are fucked. You have to wait 90 days before you can play the game. Don’t buy Russian keys!

      1. 90 days ? what about it ? where this info come from ? like it will be region free in 90 days ?

  20. i wana buy cs go on g2a but there is steam gift no cd key so i wana ask how to actiave that rusian version?

  21. I’ve got a problem :/
    I bought a russian Steam-key for “Deadpool” from and used this guide. It worked well until “You can now start to download your game.” I cannot, because it says that I am not in the country where the key is valid. Even when closing steam and changing my IP to russian it fails to work, because of the same issue. How can Steam recognize where I really am despite my russian IP? And how can I even download the game now, any hints?

    1. Hi there, I don’t really suggest using gifts anymore to get around region restrictions as they are really cracking down on it.

  22. You forgot to warn us that using a VPN to activate keys is in breach of the Steam Subscriber Agreement and that doing it could get your account PERMANENTLY SUSPENDED.

  23. This method works but not for all games, for example it works with me with: All counter strike version, Left 4 Dead, Garry’s Mod, outlast, PES 2015/2016

    but didn’t work with Dying Light, Rocket League, COD AWF, game activated normally with VPN & downloaded successfully but after disconnecting the VPN “Play” turns into “install” again & must open VPN to play it.

    Any Idea ?

    1. Hi Mohamed,

      Yes this is the case with a lot of Russian games now, you need a VPN to install AND play..I am adding a warning to the guide.

  24. Where are you from guys? If from Hungary, or other poor country, it’s okay… but if you from Germany, or the USA it’s not okay…

    1. Every game is different, please read the instructions carefully! Some need VPN to play others, only activation.

      1. Thx! Works perfectly, however. second game that i bought, Assassins creed, came only with russian language :/

  25. Hi is there a list of games that are playable without VPN? That way you’re sure that the RU game you bought will work anyway.

  26. for everyone who has preoblems just ajust date/time to the region you bought game and activate vpn too if game says is region locked

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