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Activate Russian CD Key

Activate Russian CD Key

Always read the description for your selected game, some Russian CD Key require a VPN to actually play the game, not just activation. Further, taking actions such as these contravenes the Steam Subscriber Agreement and may result in negative action against your account. Activate Russian CD Key at your own risk!

Most regular customers of online cd key store will be aware of Russian CD Keys. They are sourced from Russia (duh) and are usually a lot cheaper than their region free counterparts. Why is this? Well, bluntly, a game that would cost $70 in the United States or Australia just won’t fly in Russia, so in order to get the game selling in Russia, the publisher lower the prices…dramatically.

What that means for us Westerners is we can buy steam keys which were destined for the Russian market, but activate the on our normal Steam account. This is done by assigning our computer a Russian IP address whilst we activate the game on steam.

For a long time we have been using the services of our partner sites here on CDKeyPrices. A lot of the time (mostly due to costs and high traffic) the services were a bit slow. We decided to invest in our own quality VPN service (we decided on the awesome TorGuard so users travelling through the site can activate it straight away and not have to wait around connecting to slow Russain/Polish servers.

Russian cd keys are a great way to save many and only take a 1 minute or so to get going. Follow the below easy to follow steps to be up and playing in minutes! If you have any troubles please get in contact with us.

Step 1 – Get The PBK File

Whilst you can connect to the VPN using more advanced programs, such as OpenVPN, we thought it would be a little easier for you if we pre configured all the settings you need in a dedicated file. In comes the .pbk, or Microsoft Phonebook. This file is easy to use and very small to download. First things first…download it!


Step 2 – Get It Going

I usually download the .pbk straight to my desktop, so I can easily delete once it’s done.

Double click on it to run. The server we need to connect to is already chosen (there is only one). Some other games might require another country’s IP to make it work (for example, some games will not work in Japan) and if thats the case, simply contact us and we will look at adding a few more countries to the drop down list.

Open the file.

Hit Connect.

Enter the details of

username = cdkeyprices
password = cdkeyprices

Step 3 – Verify Your IP Address

Simply head to WhatIsMyIP

You should note in the Country section that it now says “Russian Federation”. What this means is that your IP has successfully changed and will trick Steam into thinking you are in Russia and allow you to activate the game in Steam.

Step 4 – Open Up Steam & Activate Russian CD Key

Once you have verified your IP address has changed, we are free to open up Steam and activate our game.

  • At the top of Steam, click on “Games”
  • Select “Activate a product on Steam”
  • In the windows that comes up click “Next”
  • Read the Agreement the click “I Agree”
  • Paste the code you got from your chosen cd key store into the text area and click Next.
  • Now click close, DO NOT START THE DOWNLOAD.
  • Close steam completely.
  • Open the CDKeyPrices.pbk file again and select Hang Up

..and thats it!

Step 5 – Close VPN & Get Back Our Normal IP

Once your game has successfully activated, we need to make sure Steam is completely closed down.

Next, open up the CDKeyPrices.pbk file again and select Hang Up. I always like to go back to WhatIsMyIP to check it has changed back to my normal country and IP address. This will ensure everything is back to normal but most importantly means you will commence downloading the game from your own regions servers and not those from Russia, which might take a while!

Enjoy. Russian based stuff are a great way to get cheap steam keys. Always read the description carefully!