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Kinguin esport venture helps cd key reputation

Esports Kinguin G2A

Every big company hates it’s competitors with passion. Valve Software does too, well not only them. The big corporations can’t stand the fact that small businesses from around the world always manage to sell the game keys a lot cheaper than them and they can’t really do much about it. Steam was suppose to be cheaper than the retail games in …

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Steam Keys – Can Value Remove Them?

Steam Keys

Will Valve Revoke My Steam Keys? The Internet is a dangerous place. Sometimes data gets stolen, even steam keys! Even whole identities. If people aren’t cautious enough, especially when using online payment methods such as VISA, Master Card or even PayPal, their money gets stolen. What can you do with stolen money? You most definitely won’t be spending it in …

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G2A Shield – Is It Worth It?

G2A Shield

G2A has been in the news a lot lately. After a bit of a public spat with Tiny Build and some fraudulent keys sold via G2A, I followed with interest to see how G2A would respond. I took particular note of G2A’s continued references to its G2A Shield, and how users had elected to make a purchase with it would get a …

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