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The Elder Scrolls Online CD Key

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The Elder Scrolls Online CD Key is regarded to be a role playing, online massive multiplayer game that has been released on 4th April, 2010 for Steam, OS X and MS Windows. ZeniMax Online Studios is its developer. It belongs to the action fantasy franchise ‘The Elder Scrolls’ and is the first multiplayer open ended installment of the series. Its developers on 21st January 2015 had announced that no active subscription to be required for playing the game from 17th March 2015. Later, the game got renamed to ‘The Elder Scroll-Online: Tamriel-Unlimited’. On 9th June 2015, the console versions for Xbox One and PS 4 had been released.

The game has been is set in Tamriel content, while its storyline is connected indirectly with other games. Before it got released in 2014, the game was in development. On its release, it got mixed reviews from the critics, however, they significantly improved with rebranding and re-release, with praises being earned for the game, its new changes. The game’s publisher is Bethesda Softworks and its director is Matt Firor. The gameplay is considered to be nonlinear like its previous titles, having mixture of random events, quests and free roaming world exploration.

CD Key Store Original Name Price Stock
The Elder Scrolls Online $12.16 Yes
The Elder Scrolls Online $21.27 No

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