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Elder Scrolls Online has enjoyed quite a bit of popularity over the years. First launched in April 2014, players were able to join this massively multiplayer online game and explore the continent of Tamriel after creating their fantasy characters. Since that point, several expansions have been released that have kept the game afloat for well over five years. However, it was its most recent addition to the game, Elder Scrolls Online: Elsweyr, that has created quite a bit stir in the gaming world and has sent players in droves to check out  just what's going on.

The game is based on each player's struggle with Molag Bal who is an evil overlord attempting to mix the continent with his icy world of Coldharbour. During this battle, the player learns that their character creation was originally sacrificed to the overlord several hundred years before the beginnings of the game in attempt to appease the evil godly world. Recovering their lost soul is the game's primary quest for players.

It is a game that has raged on through the years as players freely roam Tamriel completing different quests, meeting fellow players, and working through the game's primary objective with the help of information from non-playable characters. The greater majority of the continent is readily available to players right from the beginning, so players can freely explore the entire world without restriction using a start-up character and be safe in the idea that they're not going to necessarily overstep their level anywhere on the map. There are also a few regions that are available as DLC content from the Crown Store and will come at an additional cost.

Players will be required to complete an initial quest when starting the game and it involves escaping the prison that Molag Bal has enslaved their soul, which is quite typical for an Elder Scrolls video game. From there, they will be able to pledge allegiance to one of three factions in a quest to rule the the continent under them and start working towards recovering their lost soul.

In January 2019, developers ZeniMax Studios revealed that a full expansion pack would allow players to leave the continent of Tamriel to explore Elsweyr: something that has not been possible since the release of Elder Scrolls Arena several years ago. It will break free from the other-worldly undead campaign that the game predominantly revolves around and introduce a campaign involving dragons. The Elder Scrolls community of players have given this announcement a resoundingly positive response and many players are flocking back to this popular MMO. Basic elements are currently available on the game right now, but it's believed the full expansion will be released in the summer.

The announcement of a dragon-based campaign is certainly something that will take advantage of Elder Scrolls Online's excellent visual depth and audio tracks. When played at the highest settings, Elder Scrolls Online provides a stunning visual experience that closely rivals the best RPG games on the Internet today. It's firmly believed that Elsweyr will set a new pace for the RPG world in terms of its visual detail and players are eagerly awaiting this upcoming release.

Elder Scrolls Online might not be the newest contender on the block, but it has always remained fresh in the minds of the gaming community for well-over five years. Now is the time to rejoin the experience because it is about to go to new strengths and glories.

Game Information

Release Date
20th May 2019
ZeniMax Online Studios, Bethesda Softworks
Total Rating
Game Modes
Multiplayer, Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO)
Player Perspectives
First person, Third person
Role-playing (RPG)
Fantasy, Open world
PC (Microsoft Windows), Mac, PlayStation 4, Xbox One