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Ubisoft Fight The Power


Don’t be fooled. Ubisoft recent action against Far Cry 4 CD Keys is nothing but a money grab and frustration at the fact its customers are sourcing their games from regions which are cheaper than their own. As a long time crusader against region pricing and actively importing my stuff from other regions (something that publishers, companies etc like to ... Read More »

Civilization V Is Free To Play This Week

Something you guys might be interested in. Civ V is free to play this week up until the 23rd of October 10:00. Presumably to amp up hype for the Beyond Earth release. You can check out the latest prices on a Beyond Earth CD Key here. In the mean time, add Civ V to your steam library! http://store.steampowered.com/app/8930 Read More »

Civilization Beyond Earth Are You Serious?


Another day, another massive rip off for Australians. The upcoming Civilization – Beyond Earth is coming in a hefty $89.99 AUD for those poor little Aussies. No wonder more and more gamers and consumers of digital content are using VPN’s and sites such as CDKeyPrices to get around geo-blocks and price discrimination. A quick price comparison from the other steam ... Read More »