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Evolve Giveaway Announced

Thanks so much to for this one! They have been so kind as to give me 5 Evolve CD Keys for those who participate in the giveaway. Simply head to our competitions page, or if easier, just enter below using the widget. As always, there are multiple ways to enter! Evolve CD Key Giveaway

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Ubisoft Fight The Power

Don’t be fooled. Ubisoft recent action against Far Cry 4 CD Keys is nothing but a money grab and frustration at the fact its customers are sourcing their games from regions which are cheaper than their own. As a long time crusader against region pricing and actively importing my stuff from other regions (something that publishers, companies etc like to …

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Civilization V Is Free To Play This Week

Something you guys might be interested in. Civ V is free to play this week up until the 23rd of October 10:00. Presumably to amp up hype for the Beyond Earth release. You can check out the latest prices on a Beyond Earth CD Key here. In the mean time, add Civ V to your steam library!

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