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Lord of the Rings War in the North CD Key

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Lord of the Rings War in the North CD Key is a hack and slash, action role playing game that has been released in 2011. It is Snowblind Studios that has developed it for gaming platforms like the Xbox 360, PS 3 and MS Windows. Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment is its publisher. In 2013, Feral Interactive had published and developed an OS-X port for the game. It is regarded to be J.R.R.Tolkien’s ‘Lord of the Rings’ novel’s first PC game. Narrative elements are present in the games that are quite unique to the movies and novel of the same name. The aesthetic design has been based upon the movies’ appearance and the game’s characters having the resemblance of the actors, who were in the films. However, the story has not been taken from any of the movies or the novel, rather, has its own storyline. The mission of the player is to defeat the Black Numenorean who is the powerful Agandaur.

Mixed reviews were received by the game from the critics, while its tone and graphics have won praises. It has been termed to be a commercial failure, with critics citing the reason of its release being its timing, especially several weeks after the release of the grand success game of Dark Souls.

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