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If the wheel lands on any given amount, say $1000, and if you guess the correct consonant in any given puzzle in rounds 1-3, you win the $1000. Furthermore, if there is more than one consonant in the puzzle, your $1000 will be multiplied (e.g. four R's in a puzzle awards you with $4000). Each vowel you buy will cost you $250, however, you will not lose more than $250 even if there is more than one single vowel in a puzzle (e.g. if there are three A's in a puzzle you will not lose $750). But you will still lose $250 if you guess a vowel incorrectly. If the wheel lands on "Bankrupt" you will lose all your money (however, the money you carried over from round 1 will not be lost). If the wheel lands on "Lose a Turn," the turn goes to the other contestant. If the wheel lands on "Free Spin," you can spin again. This option is one way to keep you in the lead.

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Release Date
31st December 1994
2351, Absolute Entertainment
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Sega CD