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In an alternate reality a monster storm has decimated Earth, not only wiping out 98% of the population but also causing zombies to rise from the dead and attack the remaining survivors (talk about a bad storm)! In this co-op sandbox survival game, you and up to three other players have to work together to complete various missions after you’re dropped in randomly generated destinations. Together you’ll need to collect resources, build forts around defensive objectives, construct weapons and traps, all the while trying to fend off the attacking zombie hordes that are hellbent on destroying you and everything you’ve built. So, you’re not only battling a storm so severe that it’s obliterated most of humanity but also, flesh eating zombies – no big deal!

The good news is, the more missions you complete, the greater the rewards you gain. You’ll be able to improve your character’s abilities as well as your support team’s, upgrade your weapons arsenal and discover new traps to set and the more you upgrade, the harder the missions you can take on.

Fortnite also introduced a player vs player Battle Royale game mode to mix things up a bit. Up to a hundred players (either as individuals or a max four man squad) fight it out to be the last man (or team) standing. All players parachute onto the map armed with nothing but a pickaxe to gather resources. You’ll have to scavenge for weapons, armour and other equipment all the while trying not to get yourself killed. As with the player vs environment mode, the devastating storm is a major factor in the gameplay. Time is of the essence as the storm rolls in and if you’re too far from the ‘safe zone’ for too long you’re sure to perish!

Game Information

Release Date January 10, 2018
Publisher Tencent Games
Game Modes Multiplayer
Genres Shooter
Themes Action
Platforms PC (Microsoft Windows), Android