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There has been an ongoing battle for football simulation supremacy happening in the gaming world as of late. While FIFA 19 has well and truly sealed the deal in terms of its global popularity and brand recognition, Pro Evolution Soccer is a potential usurper to the throne given its high level of simulation depth and accuracy. The game isn't so much about the action happening on the pitch as it is about those players who are involved in the match. Each of their individual statistics will come into play and players must learn to manipulate these values in order to progress towards the championship cups.

Perhaps one of the biggest features that separates Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 from its competitors is the inclusion of what's known as Magic Moments. These are special skill attributes assigned to each player and can be called on in a sort of “saving throw” manoeuvre, which gives the game a distinctly roleplaying feel when they're brought into the action. They can be player specific by giving them complete certainty when it comes to scoring a goal based on their signature move on the real pitch, but can also be generic offensive and defensive traits that could apply to a wider variety of players.

Football players will also have their own unique set of playing style characteristics. However, they're more prevalent when playing against a computer player since these characteristics can become lost in the shuffle when physically controlling the player and not having them in the correct formation or position to execute these playing styles will leave those characteristics untapped. When players are able to keep these abilities and statistics in mind though, then each football superstar will have a distinctly unique feel and it will almost seem as if they're highly individualized rather than a random composition of abilities that sporadically appear in the game.

All of this will understandably mean that players need to have a firm grasp on what's going on and need to understand the mechanics of a football match in order to have a successful game. However, Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 is a game that distinctly appeals to the most ravenous of football fans and the ones who'd have the theoretical coaching knowledge to apply to their matches on the fly. The hardcore fans among us will definitely find the game to be a treat worthy of adding to their libraries immediately.

Game Information

Release Date August 28, 2018
Publisher Konami
Content Rated E (Everyone)
Game Modes Single player, Multiplayer, Co-operative
Player Perspectives Bird view / Isometric
Genres Sport
Platforms PC (Microsoft Windows), PlayStation 4, Xbox One