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FIFA has had several inceptions in the video gaming world over the years. They've always been known for two things since the early 1990s though: fun and genuine authenticity that conforms to the current standards of gameplay and rules of the formal league. FIFA 19 is no exception in these regards. It's a fun, high-scoring, almost arcade-like simulation of the popular football game with steps towards creating a truly authentic gameplay experience thanks to the addition of different modes such as the Champions League.

What sets FIFA 19 apart from its predecessors and indeed other games within the football world is the precise level of control that players must exhibit over their controllers. For online play, a player's first concern might revolve around how input lag could affect their outcome in the game. Thankfully, this is a negligible consideration thanks in part due to EA's stable and rock-solid services that provide an unparalleled online gaming experience not seen in other titles or servers. This doesn't negate the need for players to have excellent controller skills though because FIFA 19 includes a precise body system whereby footballers will be able to use their knees, chests, and heads in order to control the ball in play depending on its location on the field or in the air. The slightest misfire will usually release the ball to an opponent, so it's important for players to come to terms with the basics rather quickly.

This is quite easy as it is said though. Despite being a predominantly online game where players matchmake with others from around the world based on their skill level and roster of footballers, there is also a single player campaign called The Journey that takes players from their earliest beginnings as a football manager through to the Champions League. This will help players get to grips with the mechanics of the game very quickly and is usually advised as a first step before jumping into the virtual field against live opponents who may have already built-up their skills following this little tip.

Like other games in the FIFA series, its graphics and audio are unrivalled in the football world. The most popular players are easily distinguishable from one another thanks to very vivid, lifelike facial designs that truly justify the microtransactions that take place within the game. While sports games are no strangers to the ideas of microtransactions, FIFA 19 justifies the minimal spends by presenting truly exceptional character designs that actually resemble the person. It's certainly easy to see why FIFA 19 is one of the franchise's biggest revenue earners in history.

FIFA 19 is an award-winning game having won both Game Critic Awards and Gamescom's Best Sports Game of 2018 titles. It is also receiving current nominations for the upcoming 2019 awards season including a very prestigious Best Writing in a Video Game Award from the Writers' Guild of Great Britain.

Game Information

Release Date
28th September 2018
EA Sports
Total Rating
Content Rated
E (Everyone)
Game Modes
Single player, Multiplayer
Player Perspectives
Bird view / Isometric
PC (Microsoft Windows), PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch