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Mad Max Xbox One is an action game created for the Xbox One platform. The thrilling game needs you to combat crazy Wasteland bandits, and use all the brutal aspects of warfare that are needed to take them down. Other than foes, you can also target their vehicles using various lethal weapons.

As the hero Mad Max, a solitary fighter, you have to go on a precarious trip after a gang of brutal marauders steal the Interceptor. You have to use your survival instincts and a number of deadly weapons as well as your intelligence in order to survive in the hostile world. As Max, you can get the chance to create as well as update your arsenal and tools to keep enemies at bay and take down one by one to end the madness. You can select from various vehicles and create the best war vehicle that can be customized at will.

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Max must traverse a barren desert wasteland in search for his lost treasured vehicle, the Pursuit Special (also referred to as The Interceptor).

Game Information

Release Date
1st September 2015
WB Games
Total Rating
Content Rated
M (Mature)
Game Modes
Single player
Player Perspectives
Third person
Shooter, Racing, Adventure
Action, Open world
PC (Microsoft Windows), Mac, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Linux