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Journey through a dark, atmospheric world of restless spirits and demons as Nyah and her firefly.


Nyah is lost and the sun is quickly setting. A massive presence materializes in the darkness, its eyes barely visible through trembling branches. Nyah runs, terrified of what might have happened to her mom, but then she falls... she's woken by a light zipping through the air, and it beckons her, feeling strangely familiar, warming her mind - but the world around her has changed. Lost spirits roam the horizon while remains of the dead dance in dark canyons. Nyah finds the warmth of the light isn't just in her head - when she focuses on it, a wildly powerful beam connects them, but she has a whole lot to learn if she's ever going to find her mom in this strange land.

Game Information

Release Date
25th September 2018
12586, Fig Publishing Inc.
Total Rating
Game Modes
Single player, Co-operative
Player Perspectives
Side view
Platform, Adventure, Indie
Linux, PC (Microsoft Windows), Mac