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Assassins Creed Brotherhood CD Key

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Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood CD Key is an open world, historical action adventure, stealth game that has been released in 2010. It is Ubsioft Montreal that is its developer and Ubisoft, its publisher. Belonging to the series of ‘Assassin’s Creed’, this version is regarded to be its third installment. It was in November – December 2010 that the game had been released for Xbox 360 and PS 3, while for MS Windows, the launch was on March – June 2011.

The game’s background has been set in fictional history, having real world events and taking place in the 21st and 16th centuries. The game is played from the 3rd person angle having primary focus using the stealth and combat abilities of Ezio and Desmond for exploring the environment and eliminating targets. The 16th century styled Rome could be explored freely by Ezio for completing side missions. Multiplayer component has been added to the series and is portrayed as Templar training program. Critical acclaim was received by the game besides multiple awards for Best Action Game with the BAFTA Award. The director of the game is Patrice Desilets and producer is Vincent Pontbriand. The game’s composer is Jesper Kyd and it runs on Havok, Anvil Engine.

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