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Your XCOM 2 CD Key is a turn based game developed by Firaxis Games, and is the sequel to XCOM Enemy Unknown, and is the second installment of the rebooted XCOM series. Set 20 years after the occurrences of XCOM: Enemy Unknown, it features humanity in jeopardy as the aliens have totally defeated the humans. The player must assume control of the commander of Avenger, an alien base converted into the new front of XCOM, and to free the planet from alien rule. Players are required to battle against aliens by commanding their troops to attack and simultaneously research and develop infrastructure of the squad, making it stronger and stronger. The game allows the player to also recruit new troops and with each class having its unique abilities, the player is able to build an ultimate squad of troops able to defeat the aliens and make the Earth avoid further threats

With the availability of Mods and a 1 VS 1 multiplayer mode, the game features a very interactive experience with a lot of epic battles which requires strategic gameplay of the highest level. Nowadays most of the online stores are offering CD key at discounted rates. Compare cd key prices below and buy from a reputed online store that gives you the best price deal.

CD Key Store Original Name Price Stock
XCOM 2 Steam CD Key $10.02 Yes
XCOM 2 PC $10.13 Yes
XCOM 2 $10.27 Yes
XCOM 2 $10.40 Yes
XCOM 2 Steam Key GLOBAL $10.80 Check
XCOM 2 $11.00 Yes
XCOM 2 Steam CD Key $11.32 Yes
XCOM 2 $11.39 Yes
XCOM 2 $11.48 Yes
XCOM 2 CD Key For Steam: Standard Edition $14.58 Yes
XCOM 2 Cd Key Steam Global $15.12 Yes
XCOM 2 XBOX ONE Digital Code $38.10 Yes

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