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Total War Saga: Thrones of Britannia CD Key

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Total War Saga: Thrones of Britannia is the 12th (main) instalment in the multi award winning Total War series. With over 20million copies sold worldwide, it’s safe to say that when it comes to epic war games, the Total War series have nailed it and continue to do so. The huge real-time battles combined with the turn based strategic campaign make these games a must have for any fans of the genre.

Thrones of Britannia is set in 878AD, not too long after the Viking invasion of the British Isles. There are ten playable factions (from five different cultures) vying for control. Representing the Anglo Saxons are the Kingdom of Wessex led by Alfred the Great and the Kingdom of Mercia led by Ceolwulf (not to be confused with Beowulf). The Anglo Saxons are said to have a well-rounded roster centred on a solid infantry core with no extreme strengths of weaknesses – the safe best some might say. The Gaelic clans are represented by Circen led by King Aed and Mide led by Flann Sinna (sounds like an evil dessert right?!). The Gaelic Kings have a great elite shock infantry and javelins and are good at hybrid shock/skirmish warfare. The Welsh Kingdoms are represented by Gwined who are led by Anaraut and Strat Clut led by King Run. The Welsh are the masters of hit and run warfare. They’ve got the best light cavalry and long ranged archers in the game – so if they’re anywhere nearby make sure you sleep with one eye open!

There are two different Viking cultures to choose from, The Great Viking Armies and the Viking Sea Kings. The Great Armies consist of East Engle led by Lord Guthrum and Northymbre led by Guthfrid (no prizes for guessing where those two places represent in modern day England). They have an aggressive Norse roster with blended Anglo-Danish culture and Saxon-influenced units (bit of a mixed bag). Finally you have the Sea Kings consisting of Dyflin led by Bardr and Sudreyar led by King Eirik. They’re the more “proper” Vikings (aka big fans of pillaging and other unpleasant actions) with a more naval focus and some Gaelic influenced units. Who will you choose?

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