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Street Fighter 4 CD Key

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Street Fighter 4 CD Key is a video game that belongs to the 2D fighting genre. Capcom is the developer of this game, with Dimps being its co-developer it was in Japan that the arcade coin operated game was released on 18th July 2008 and the machines being imported by the North American Arcades by August that year. Its console versions for Xbox 360 and PS 3 had been released on 12th February 2009 in Japan and sold in the stores of North American on 20th February, with an intended release date of 18th February. In Europe, the official release was on 20th February. It was in July that the MS Windows version was release d. the worldwide sales reported by the game maker by 31st March 2009 were more than 3 million copies and by 30th September, 2014, the sale was about 500,000 copies, without counting the PS4 version.. An updated version of this game got released in April 2010 as standalone title.

The game on its release won several awards and received universal critical acclaim. Also, it is listed among its generation’s best games to be introduced for gamers of this genre. Lucky for us, this bad boy is steam key so compare before buying!

CD Key Store Original Name Price Stock
Street Fighter IV / 4 STEAM Key $16.48 Yes

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