Steam vs. Origin Vs. Uplay- which is better and why

Today we will take a sneak peek in what digital distribution platforms are and what are the popular ones in the market. We will be taking a concrete look at platforms for the PC video games like Steam, Origin and Uplay. Entering virtual circle is Valve’s Steam, Ubisoft’s Uplay and Electronic Art’s Origin.

Steam vs. Origin Vs. Uplay Comparison

Many people wonder as to which platform to choose and why. Basically it totally depends on the interest and personal taste of the player. But it is of no surprise that Steam is the actual leader in the number of services that are offered. It would be great to know that neither Origin nor Uplay offers single service or feature that is not available on Steam.Steam vs. Origin Vs. Uplay

For a lot of people, PC gaming experiences goes in hand with Steam. This is because it is both service and storefront and offers one stop store for purchasing games, managing and playing games and also building out friends list for chatting while enjoying your favourite game. In home streaming is the biggest feature of Steam as it lets the players play graphically intense games on the Windows tablets and PCs. It actually uses power of the main gaming rig to run the games and then it streams those games in a Netflix sort of fashion to the secondary PC.

On the other hand, Uplay is all gearing up for new updates and versions so that they can have more functionality and better gaming experience. The version 4.0 introduced better download manager, play while download feature, auto patching and Twitch integration.

More so, patch install and updates are now available on Steam and Origin. The users can also buy and start game downloads remotely using the Steam mobile application. However this trio of digital distribution platforms offer a range of social networking solutions like in game UI overlay which permits the users to add friends who also use the same service. They can even capture as well as upload screen shots, access web browser etc. Each of the platform offers the cloud storage space for backups so that in case the data is lost ob physical system, you have a backup. Then there is also the text chat feature available but just Steam offers the facility of voice chat.

Both Origin and Steam allow the users to install the games wherever they want. It is not needed that they be in main Steam or Origin directory. This was indeed a case with Origins first. But the new feature has been launched on Steam recently. It’s also great if you need some games for running on speedier drive like solid state. As for Uplay, you can easily change game installer location after the installation.

So if we were to decide one clear winner or which one to choose as far as features and benefits are concerned, then Steam is the clear leader till now. However they have been at the competition since a long time now. Origin and Uplay will still need to innovate a lot and think actually out of the box to be the winners in the arena that Steam has already built.


6 Replies to “Steam vs. Origin Vs. Uplay- which is better and why”

  1. Steam. They’ve been at the digital distribution longer and have better sales more often. Plus the community is a great place to discuss games, whether you want discuss the ga1mes themselves or get them running.

    1. Exactly, the communities feature is what sets it apart from the competition,

  2. Origin – Just my personal view from experience … both my sons had steam accounts for several years that were fraught with difficulties including server connections, account retrievals, verifications codes, customer support assistance (lack of)… by the time we’d purchased, downloaded and navigated through steam were too exhausted to play. I switched to using Origin for my daughter a couple of years ago, this has, so far, been a far easier/enjoyable experience.

    1. Seems like as good of reason as any…what games you got the kids playing?

      1. I think the boys play things like Rome Total War, Sid’s Civilization, Total War Attila and that kind of genre, the girl is mostly into SIMS and that kind of stuff

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