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Might And Magic X Legacy CD Key

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Might And Magic X Legacy CD Key was announced on 21st March 2013, is regarded to be the current installment of ‘Might & Magic’ video game belonging to the role playing genre. Limbic Entertainment is its developer and publisher is Ubisoft. This game is known to follow ‘Might and Magic – Heroes VI’ events, rather being just a sequel of ‘Might & Magic IX’, set in Ashan world. For MS Windows, it was released on 23rd January 2014.

This game is said to focus upon events that has been taking place in Ashan’s Agyn Peninsula on Thallan continent. The reason is due to Arcangel Uriel, starting a war and Karthal city facing a coup and raiders arriving on the scene to further complex the proceedings and threatening to have tensions escalated between different nations. Its composer is Jason Graves and Roc Chen. It runs on Unity Engine and is a single player game. Players are allowed to have a party of about 4 characters to be created among the 4 different races like Dwarves, Elves, Orcs and Humans. Various systems are used in this game that can be found on the earlier ones. It received mixed reviews and praises for its throwback approach.

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