Let’s Dive Into What Uplay Is And What It Offers

UPlay is the cross platform solution that is available in over 50 games and entertainment activities. It offers great rewards to the gamers. UPlay is in fact a digital right management, digital distribution, communications and multi player service by Ubisoft mainly introduced to offer similar experience to trophies or achievements provided by other gaming platforms.

In case you are a member of the UPlay site, you can easily enjoy what Ubisoft has to provide like complimentary in game content, gifts etc. UPlay also allows the players to readily connect with the others around and to even earn the rewards as per their achievements called as actions in the UPlay enabled games.

It is totally a great experience playing at UPlay with a range of games and activities lined up. As rightly said by Yves Guillemot, CEO Of Ubisoft that the more you play, the more free items you will be able to receive. So this adds up to the motivation of the players.Uplay

With UPlay, you can literally take your gaming experience to an entirely new level. The top benefits and features you enjoy with it include the following:

  • Avatar adjust feature
  • Improve your rankings and stats and go one level up
  • Get direct access to community stats and invite new friends
  • Check your rankings, compare with your friends and others

What more, the Uplay desktop client got released in 2012 which replaced the Game Launcher by Ubisoft. This desktop client actually connects the rewards and currency of Uplay and links the Ubi profile of the player across different platforms like mobile, PC, FB, consoles etc in a single app. In all, the client is just like Steam and Origin clients in which the user can buy and launch games from the app.

There have been a lot of happy customers of Uplay and they say that the experience they get is simply amazing. When they play the supported games, they get the opportunity to earn uPlay actions that are the achievements. These further come with some specific points that can later be spent or used in special in game store. The real currency does not play any part in it. Another important thing is that the currency is basically linked with uPlay account and so it’s the game agnostic. The balance left is your balance irrespective of you earned points playing Far Cry 3, Splinter Cell games or any other.

The best part to notice about Uplay is that it is easily available for Wii, iPhone, Xbox, PlayStation and Android devices. Some players say that when they were first promoted to make an account with UPlay, they were happy with bonus content provided to them. So with so many features, games and benefits, the hard core players always prefer this platform and refer it to others around.

So what are you waiting for? Try playing with Uplay and you will be more than happy with the gaming experience, bonus, rewards, achievements and much more.