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The Crew Wild Run CD Key: It is an expansion pack available for the racing game The Crew, developed by Ubisoft, and features an open world which the player is free to explore and roam at free will and is actually a shortened version of the United States itself. In the shoes of Alex Taylor, the player will thwart criminal groups throughout the cities in the map, and take part in various small challenges which test the players' driving. The missions featured in this game can be completed alone or with online co-op, and the multiplayer mode allows players to participate in intense races for up to 8 players. This expansion pack will include drift cars, monster trucks and even motorcycles, and a new championship feature, which makes it a must have for The Crew enthusiasts and racing gamers alike.

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Game Information

Release Date
27th November 2015
Total Rating
Game Modes
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PC (Microsoft Windows), PlayStation 4, Xbox One