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Ever wanted to sail the seven seas, looting and plundering, always on the hunt for buried treasure? Well look no further than Rare’s new action adventure co-op multiplayer Sea of Thieves. Enter this shared world and live out all your pirating fantasies. Whether you’re the lone pirate type that prefers his own small vessel, or you’re part of a crew that together can commandeer one of the water’s largest ships, this game caters for all. Decide amongst your crew which voyage you should undertake (set out by trade companies like the Gold Hoarders or the Order of Souls) and share the spoils.

As you’re in a shared world, you’ll often come across other crews on your adventures and it’s up to you whether you try to blow their ship out the water or continue your quest and keep sailing on your merry way. A great feature of the game is that new crews are not at a disadvantage. When you set off you’re spawned at a safe distant from other players and weapons and tools don’t upgrade. This means you’ve got a fair chance when you come across Long John Silver who’s already been playing the game for 4,722 hours. Although he’ll be much more accomplished with his Blunderbuss so watch out!

The cooperative multiplayer aspects of the game are what make it so enjoyable. If you’re commanding a large ship it takes all of you working in unison to sail efficiently. One steering, one below deck reading the map, one in the crow’s nest on the lookout and the other manning the cannons, it takes real teamwork. There’s a verbal and nonverbal way of communicating too for the shy and retiring types among us. But without a doubt the best feature is that any point you can launch yourself out of your own cannon. Just make sure you aim for the water!

Game Information

Release Date
20th March 2018
Microsoft Studios
Total Rating
Content Rated
T (Teen)
Game Modes
Multiplayer, Co-operative
Player Perspectives
First person
Action, Open world
PC (Microsoft Windows), Xbox One