SaGa: Emerald Beyond

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The latest standalone entry in the SaGa franchise arrives in 2024, bringing together the very best elements of the beloved series to offer each player their own unique gameplay experience.

Make use of Glimmers and United Attacks in battle; meet a diverse cast of races including monsters, mechs and vampires; and experience your very own story, created through your choices and actions.


Heaven, hell, the celestial realm, the underworld, fairyland... people have always sensed the existence of other worlds, giving them many names.Yet these worlds were never separate – they are all connected, part of an infinite whole.Many worlds are unaware of this truth.Rather, people believe in the apparently self-evident truth that their world is the only one.
Heedless of people’s thoughts on the matter, the connected worlds continue to influence one another, forever in flux.
And now, the stage is set for new change to arrive on the shores of the connected worlds.

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Game Information
Release Date April 25, 2024
Publisher Square Enix, Square Enix Creative Business Unit I
Content Rated T (Teen)
Game Modes Single player
Genres Role-playing (RPG)
Themes Fantasy, Science fiction
Platforms PC (Microsoft Windows), Android, iOS, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5