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To restore the Village's light, the Girl heads to the Tower.


The Village is lit by the glow from the top of the Tower.

The Girl enters the Tower to fix the light for the Village.
The Girl thinks she can get the Village's light back by releasing and taking the glowing Butterfly trapped in the Tower.
The Queen of the Night blocks her from exiting the tower.

The Queen of the Night wants to kill the Girl to get the Butterfly back.
The Girl manages to avoid her and escape from the Tower.

But because the Girl took the the Butterfly, all the light in the Village was gone.
The Village disappeared into the darkness.

It is no longer people but shadows that roam the streets.

"If I put the Butterfly back, maybe the Village will come back."

The Girl heads back to the Tower to restore the lost light and the Village.

Game Information

Release Date
17th September 2020
27973, CFK Co., Ltd.
Total Rating
Game Modes
Single player
Player Perspectives
Side view
Puzzle, Adventure, Indie
PC (Microsoft Windows)