L.A. Noire The Complete Edition CD Key is regarded to be a detective neo-noir game that Team Bondi had developed and Rockstar Games has published. Initially, this game was released on May 17, 2011 for Xbox 360 and PS 3 platforms. Later on November 8, 2011, a MS Windows port had been released. The background of the game has been set in the 1947’s Los Angeles and the protagonist is a LAPD officer, who is required to solve different types of cases in all five divisions. Crimes scenes are to be investigated by the player to get clues, have suspects to be interrogated, follow up leads. It is all these activities that would impact the success of the player and revelation of the storyline.

This game has been inspired from the 1940-50s popular movies which share similar themes and visual styles, which includes moral ambiguity and crime. Distinctive color palettes are used in the game and offer the players with the option to play black & white. This game is said to be notable, since it tends to make use of MotionScan, the latest developed Depth Analysis technology to have game’s characters get recorded by using about 32 surrounding cameras for capturing from every angle, their facial expressions.

Game Information

Release Date
15th December 2011
Rockstar Games
Total Rating
Content Rated
M (Mature)
Game Modes
Single player
Player Perspectives
Third person
Shooter, Sport, Strategy, Adventure
Action, Thriller, Historical, Sandbox, Open world, Warfare, Mystery
Xbox 360