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In Isle Of Spirits, you play a castaway on a particulary uncommon uninhabited isle.

Player starts on a procedurally generated isle and have to craft stuff from resources found on the isle to survive. Discover an infinity of "blocky" worlds full of color and discover the dark side of the isle: spirits/creatures hidden in the darkness, supernatural phenomenons or microclimates, it will not always be a piece of cake.

Will you succeed in making a raft and escaping the isle ?

- Discover an infinity of islands - The map is procedurally generated at each new game
- Craft - Find resources and craft items and tools to survive
- Supernatural phenomenons - From tornado to things hidden in the darkness, the isle itself will try to kill you... or its spirits
- Build your house - Houses provide a lot of benefits you will have to discover
- Farming - Cultivate food
- Learn how to survive - this game will not explicitly explain you anything, but you will quickly discover the rules by yourself. Trust the isle, it will not let you quiet for a very long time...


Isle of spirits is a survival game in which your character has stranded on a mysterious uninhabited isle. Build your home, survive, and fight against microclimates or supernatural phenomenons. The isle will be your home and your enemy: it offers all resources to live, but it is also full of terrible dangers.

Game Information

Release Date
10th June 2020
Silver Bullet Games
Total Rating
Game Modes
Single player
Player Perspectives
Third person
PC (Microsoft Windows)