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Dying Light The Following Enhanced Edition CD Key is an action survival game. Set in a dangerous and expansive open world, this first-person game needs you to battle hostilities and use all the skills and tools available in order to ensure your survival until dawn. The game is set in an urban ambience that is ravaged by a deadly epidemic. As you look for supplies and create weapons to fend off numerous flesh-eaters created by the plague, you will have to depend on your intuition, skills and arsenal to protect yourself. During the night, the number of the infected enemies will grow in aggression and strength and become deadlier.

The game comes with a lot of improvements and better visuals, and the thrill can be experienced from a first-hand perspective. The zombie experience is bigger, better and deadlier this time and you have to do everything in your power in order to ensure your survival in Dying Light - The Following Enhanced Edition. Always check the description of the product while purchasing the Dying Light - The Following Enhanced Edition CD Key from your preferred store. Check whether the CD key is available and any method for activating the key is needed and can be availed easily.

Game Information

Release Date
9th February 2016
Techland, Time Warner Interactive
Total Rating
Content Rated
M (Mature)
Game Modes
Single player, Multiplayer, Co-operative
Player Perspectives
First person
Role-playing (RPG)
Action, Horror, Survival, Open world
PC (Microsoft Windows), PlayStation 4, Xbox One