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Dice brings another winner in the game Battlefield 3, the sequel to Battlefield 1 and 2. This first-person shooter video game has been published by Electronic Arts. It is the direct sequel to the hit 2005 game Battlefield 2. As the player, you have to take on various military roles. You can be a Spetsnaz GRU operative, a F 18 weapons officer, a M1A2 Abrams battle tank operator or a U. S. Marine. The game takes you to numerous locations such as Iran or New York City and follows the stories of Henry Blackburn and Dimitri Mayakovsky. Excellent graphics, cool storyline and intense action are the major highlights of the game.

The game is the 11th installment of the Battlefield series and has been critically acclaimed by reviewers of games. On the first week of its release itself, the game has sold 5 million copies. EA Mobile has also confirmed a port for the Apple iOS platform. Before the purchase of Battlefield 3 Premium CD Key, you have to check the description of the product from the store you are buying from. Make sure that the CD key is available in stock and any activation methods needed by the key are also available.

Game Information

Release Date
11th September 2012
Total Rating
Game Modes
Player Perspectives
Action, Fantasy, Historical, Warfare
PC (Microsoft Windows)