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The Anno 2070 Complete Collection is the newest game in the award-winning Anno series. This epic game allows you to set up a futuristic society in 2070. You can manage resources, build colonies in islands and create megacities comprising of futuristic vehicles and buildings. It is 2070 and the world has gone through a sea change. The ocean levels have increased and have caused harm to the coastal cities. Changes in climate have made large land stretches unfavorable to life. There are many challenges and you have to use diplomacy and be an expert in managing resources and doing trade in a new order.

Your decisions will have a major influence on the ambience and reshape it. You need to be an ally with powerful authorities and grow your own influence. You may join the Ecos and create an eco-friendly environment or take the side of the Tycoons and allow industrial development to go on unhindered. Experience the thrill of smuggling goods between harbors while avoiding being spotted by patrols at the coasts. Use the futuristic transport systems and set up a robust economy, as well as explore the various aerial and underwater mysteries. Before purchasing your Anno 2070 Complete Collection CD Key, always check the product description from the store and any steps for activation that might be required by the CD Key.