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Academia : School Simulator is a management game that lets you design, construct, and manage the high school of your dreams! As the school Principal, watch your students as they get bullied, find love, flunk exams, and basically just try to get through the roller-coaster ride that is high school. Will you offer the best teachers and facilities or cheap out and build giant classrooms with a 1:100 student to teacher ratio? It's all up to you!

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Academia: School Simulator Reviews & Ratings

Review by Softpedia
May 28, 2021

Academia: School Simulator is a medium commitment simulation experience, meaning that it’s engrossing without overwhelming. Gamers do not have to worry about coming tweaks or the introduction of entirely new mechanics because the game is content complete. The title also has a very extensive set of mods that can introduce variety when a player feels like a master of the core experience.

Review by KeenGamer
January 29, 2021

All in all, I feel like Academia: School Simulator is a great game. It's very casual and laid back but also delightful. If you're looking for a relaxing atmosphere and a great simulation game, this may just be it for you! It is leaving early access very soon and will be officially launched, so exciting. I've enjoyed this game since it first came to early access in 2017, and I'm thrilled to say Squeaky Wheel has nailed it.

Game Information

Release Date September 8, 2017
Publisher Squeaky Wheel Studio
Game Modes Single player
Player Perspectives Bird view / Isometric
Genres Simulator, Strategy, Indie
Themes Sandbox
Platforms PC (Microsoft Windows)