How To Redeem A Steam Code

How To Redeem a Steam Code

Steam is one of the most popular digital distribution platforms. Released by Valve Corporation in 2003, Steam soon became the largest digital platform for PC based video games. It is analogous to Google’s Play Store and Apple’s iTunes. Steam is not only for game software distribution but is also a platform for social networking with other gamers and to host multiplayer functionality. To take benefits of the Steam platform you need to have a Steam account as well as the Steam game client on your PC. Both are free and you can start right away. Here is a step by step guide on how to redeem a steam code.

Step1: Follow the below link to register for the new account-

Register for a new Steam Account

Step2: After successful registration next step is to download the Steam PC client. You can download the client here Download Steam. Click on ‘Install Steam Now’.


Step3: Save the SteamSetup.exe file on your system. Run the .exe file to install Steam.


Step4: After installation gets completed, run the Steam Client. Following window will appear:


Enter your steam account details.




Step5: After the login you will be taken to Steam Dashboard. Click on the Games tab on top right hand corner of the dashboard, as shown in figure.



Step6: How To Redeem A Steam Code, select Activate a Product on Steam. Following window will appear.



Enter the code you have in the Product Code field.

Once you have successfully validated your product key, you will be redirected to your library. There you will be able to find link to download your newly registered game.

To install the new game

LIBRARY will have all your registered games, click on the game you just registered. A new page will pop-up with INSTALL button, click on it. Once installation is complete the INSTALL button will change to PLAY button.


This is all you need to do to redeem your Steam code. We hope you will find this information useful.

Some addition information for new gamers

  • Steam client can be installed on multiple computers. Also, games from your Steam account can be downloaded on these computers.
  • If you face problem running any game, simply verify the integrity of the game cache. Follow these steps to verify.
  1. In Library, right click on the game that needs fixing and click on properties.



  1. Select Local Files Tab in the window that appears and click on verify integrity of game cache


  1. Steam will automatically verify the game files.

Note: Verification can take several minutes.

  • It is not unusual that you can find it difficult to operate Steam Client or have problems with Steam account when using it for the first time. We recommend that you make use of Steam Knowledge Base to find out solution to most common problems.

Also Steam Support is always there for your help. You can also contact the active Steam community to get solution on any tricky problems you face not only with installation but also regarding game hacks and tricks.