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Guild Wars 2 Heart of Thorns CD Key

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Guild Wars 2 Heart of Thorns CD Key is the first expansion pack for Guild Wars, a huge online role playing multi-player game. NCSoft is the publisher and ArenaNet its developer. This game has been released on 23rd October’ 2015 for MS Windows platform. Jeremy Soule is its composer. This game is currently sitting at a respectable 82% according to Metacritic. It has been stated to be a wonderful expansion as well as something promising for things to come.

A Revenant profession has been introduced in this game, which is heavy armor class. There are three types of armor including heavy, medium and light. The Revenant focuses upon making use of legend powers from the Guild Wars past, thereby granting different types of skills. The usable legends tend to include demon, dwarf, assassin, centaur, dragon, etc. from every legend which focuses upon specific ability themes like control, tanking, damage, utility, healing, etc. The expansion has also introduced raids to the game, designed for up to ten players per group to attempt the challenging content within the game. Besides this Player vs. player is also a new game mode introduced in this version.

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