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Guild Wars 2 Heroic Edition CD Key is MMORPG that has been set in Tyria’s fantasy world. The game is all about Destiny’s Edge re-emergence and their fighting a Lovecraftian species named the ‘Elder Dragons’, who had got control of Tryria. ArenaNet is the developer and NCSoft, its publisher. It is a highly responsive player action game and unique within the genre. The reason is that this type is commonly noticed in single player games that are of role playing types, but not the multiplayer ones. The combat system used in the game is said to be quite dynamic, when compared to its predecessor.

As reported by the developer, this game had sold more than 5 million copies by August 2015, after which the base game had become free to be played. The game’s director is Mike O’ Brien, its designer is Eric Flannum and Colic Johanson, programmer is James Boer and composer is Jeremy Soule. It belongs to the ‘Guild Wars’ series. It has been created for Mac OS X and MS Windows platform and is a multiplayer game. The new features included in the game are enhanced animations, graphics and real time 3-D environments. The player’s profession and race determines the skills which they could access.