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Ok, so we used to regularly hold our competitions on SteamGifts, and whilst every time we had a Steam key giveaway there we got a lot of participation, lately we have thought we would like to keep them more”in house”. We want as many ways as possible for you guys to win some free steam keys, so we searched high and low to find some decent software that would do it all for us is a clean and fair way. We went through a few but believe we’ve settled on one.

Gleam, (in case anyone was wondering) is what we decided on. It’s pretty cool in the fact we can allow you guys to win free steam keys by simply liking, tweeting, following etc. There’s also opportunites to join our mailing list, as well as simply visit links and pages, or answer a few questions.

What’s important is that to win free steam game keys here on CDKeyPrices, you don’t have to complete all the steps. You can decide to enter how ever many you like. Further, if you decide to share the competition with friends, you gain extra entries. Once again, you don’t have to share if you don’t want (we know some people don’t want to do this)

Each time you get a chance to win cd keys below, please be sure to support the stores who are conducting it! They are doing it for you, customers!

This giveaway is brought to you buy;
FIFA 17 CD Key Giveaway!

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70 Replies to “Free Steam Keys”

  1. i wouldn’t use, could be a scam. I recommend buying from GamesRepublic, GamesPlanet, Humble Bundle

    they sell legit authorized steam keys. A lot of keys such as the ones from G2A are a scam.

    while you could receive a key, their is a risk that your steam account will be banned. if the site asks you to use a VPN connection then most likely its not an authorized seller. for my information i recommend you check out this post:

    1. Each to their own! They are by far my favorite store. It’s the only place I personally purchase from even if it’s a few dollars more. Zero issues!

    2. I’ll vouch for Bought Max: The Curse of Brotherhood on Xbox One from there, a couple of FIFA games on PC (Origin), and two Xbox Live Gold year subscriptions. Never had any problems with them.

  2. how can you connect your twitter? there’s no button or anything to let me.
    I want to say i’m hopeful… but i’m not that deluded :S

  3. Actually not pre-ordered a copy just in case, by some optimistic miracle, I get this!
    I’m sure hoping haha

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