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Dragon Age Origins CD Key

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Dragon Age Origins CD Key is the creation of BioWare’s Edmonton Studio and it is Electronic Arts that is its publisher. Of the popular Dragon Age Franchise, it is regarded to be the first game, released for PS3, MS Windows and Xbox 360 on 3rd November 2009 and 21st December 2009 for Mac OS X. Its director is Dan Tudge and producers being Mark Darrah and Dan Tudge. The designers of this game are Mike Laidlaw, Brent Knowles and James Ohlen and Ross Gardener, the programmer. The game’s composer is Inon Zur, writer being David Gaider and Artist is Dean Andersen. It is a single player, role playing game.

The player during the gameplay is said to encounter different types of enemies like darkspawn, giant spiders, ghosts, dragons and walking trees. Companions can also be recruited to accompany them, to provide assistance in the battle. Artificial intelligence is what controls the companions, with the ‘Tactic’ menu helping to adjust the companion’s behavior by the player. Moreover, the player has the option for switching between characters and issue orders to pause the game temporarily for queuing up actions or in real time. This game has been described as ‘dark heroic fantasy’, which has been set in a very unique world that is inspired by Song of Fire and Ice and Lord of the Rings.

CD Key Store Original Name Price Stock
Dragon Age: Origins $4.93 Yes
Dragon Age: Origins Steam Edition $4.99 Yes
Dragon Age: Origins CD Key for Origin $6.60 Yes
Dragon Age: Origins Steam Key GLOBAL $11.57 Check

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