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Cities In Motion 2 CD Key

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Cities in Motion 2 CD Key is a business simulation game, released in 2013. The developer of this game is Colossal Order, while its publisher is Paradox Interactive. It is regarded to be the sequel to “Cities in Motion’ mass-transit simulation game. The game’s objective is to develop an efficient and effective public transport system in the different cities across the globe. Several new features has been introduced in the game based upon the previous game’s community feedback, which includes rush hours, night/day cycles, as well as capability towards creating timetables. Also, the additions tend to include dynamic cities that allow players to make important decisions that may have a significant impact on the city’s development, along with the inclusion of competitive and cooperative multi-player.

The game has been developed for Linux, OS X and Windows. On its release, the game saw mixed reviews from critics and holds 68 score on Metacritic. The Linux release finally arrived with much fanfare on January 3rd, 2014.

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Cities in Motion 2 $4.17 Yes
Cities In Motion 2 $13.43 Yes
Cities in Motion II [Online Game Code] $19.99 In Stock

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