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Blood Bowl 2 CD Key

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Blood Bowl 2 is a perfect amalgamation of American football and Warhammer, and the game is an amazing mix of ferociousness, humor and turn-based strategy. With realistic ambience and new graphics engine, the game – which is an adaptation of the popular boardgame from Games Workshop – recreates the furious atmosphere of the classic matches of Blood Bowl. In the solo game mode, you can head the popular Reikland Reavers. You are in charge of taking the former top Blood Bowl team back to its glorious days. There is a complete football ambience with amusing commentaries from commentators Jim & Bob who are from Cabalvision. Every campaign match is unique, and comes with surprising and unexpected events that make the experience new again.

You can get richer and bigger multiplayer modes in this game. The continuous online mode lets you build and manage a team including any of the 8 races from the world of Warhammer – Chaos, Dark Elves, the Bretonnia newcomers, High Elves, Skaven, Dwarfs, Orcs and Humans. As you create your team and move up levels you gain more XP and get the ability to unlock fresh skills. Before purchasing Blood Bowl 2 CD Key, always check the product description from the store and ensure the availability of the CD key as well as any necessary activation method.

CD Key Store Original Name Price Stock
Blood Bowl 2 Steam Key GLOBAL $3.84 Check
Blood Bowl 2 $7.92 Yes
Blood Bowl 2 $7.98 Yes
Blood Bowl 2 $8.18 Yes
Blood Bowl 2 PC $8.42 Yes
Blood Bowl 2 $8.61 Yes
Blood Bowl 2 $15.89 Yes
Blood Bowl 2 $16.92 Yes
Blood Bowl 2 $17.08 Check
Blood Bowl 2 CD Key For Steam $18.96 Yes

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