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Aliens Colonial Marines CD Key

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The developer of Aliens Colonial Marines CD Key is Gearbox Software and its publisher is Sega. It is regarded to be a shooter based first person genre game, whose background has been set in Alien universe. The gameplay is said to occur after the third movie of the franchise got released. Sega is credited with the second edition of the Alien game, with the first being launched in 2011 as ‘Aliens Infestations’. The platform for which the game was released was Xbox 360, MS Windows and PS 3 on 12th February 2013. Although a Wii U version was under production, it was cancelled eventually.

The game’s distributor is 20th Century Fox, producer is Brian Burleson, Designer is John Mulkey and programmer is Chris R. Guthery. Kevin Riepl is its composer and it runs on Unreal Engine 3. It is both a single player and multiplayer game. The protagonist of the game is Cpl. Christopher Winter, a U.S. Colonial Marine, who has access to use iconic weapons like shotgun, smartgun, pulse rifle, flamethrower, robotic sentry turrets and pistol. Welding torches could also be used for sealing doors and for detecting enemies, motion trackers. Experiences points can be gained by the players by while completing specific objectives and dominating enemies.

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Aliens: Colonial Marines Steam CD Key $5.10 Yes
Aliens: Colonial Marines $12.63 Yes

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