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Star Wars Battlefront 2 CD Key

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If there’s one franchise that’s never going to be short of fans (and subsequently active online gamers) it’s Star Wars. The films are legendary (not including I,II and III obviously – don‘t get me started) but there was a concern that the new games wouldn’t do them justice.

Well have no fear Star Wars fans, the team at EA DICE hasn’t disappointed. Based very closely on the original films, Battlefront takes you everywhere from the icy planet of Hoth, to the forests on Endor and even the Death Star itself.

With the option to fight as a faceless Imperial storm trooper or a gutsy rebel of the Alliance, you can take on all of your favourite characters including the likes of Darth Vader and Han Solo (depending which side of the force you feel like supporting that day). Jump on board an X-wing to take the fight to the skies or commandeer a Walker and take out the ground troops.

With every character, weapon, vehicle and location meticulously included, Battlefront enables you to fully immerse yourself into the Star Wars universe and with online multiplayers of up to 40 soldiers on each side, the battle is guaranteed to be of epic proportions!

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