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Saints Row 4 CD Key

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Saints Row 4 CD Key is regarded to be an action adventure, open world game that belongs to the series of ‘Saints Row’ and is its fourth installment. It is Volition that is its developer and Deep Silver, its publisher. The main character of the game that the player is in control of is the Saints, gang leader, whose task is to ward off alien invasion after becoming the United States’ President and has received superpowers. While completing the side and main missions of the game, the player can take out time to explore its environment. This game boasts of taking elements from sci-fi movies and game.

On 20th August 2013, it got release for the different platforms like Xbox 360, PS 3 and MS windows and then ported to Xbox One and PS 4 with a Linux. Numerous summative and limited editions were released, however, in Australia got banned for a brief period of time. Is character customization options combined with humor had been praised by reviewers. More than 1 million copies had been sold in the very first week of its release. Its director is Scott Philips, producer is Jim Boone, designed by Bryan Dillow and composed by Malcolm Kirby Jr.

CD Key Store Original Name Price Stock
Saints Row IV $4.04 Yes
Saints Row IV Steam Key GLOBAL $4.58 Check
Saints Row IV $4.83 Yes
Saints Row IV Steam CD Key $4.84 Yes
Saints Row IV Steam Key $5.08 Yes
Saints Row IV $5.99 Yes
Saints Row IV Steam CD Key $11.97 No

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