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Stand out on the battlefield with Prime upgrades for Ion & Scorch, available this December. Beyond skin colors, these modifications upgrade the physical look of your Titan, change the sound effects and even offer up devastating new executions. On day one, customize every Titan with instant access to exclusive Excalibur Chrome Warpaints and Thunderbird Nose Arts. The Splinter Ocean and Quantum Ocean Camos are also included and are ready to be applied to every Titan, Pilot, and weapon in the game. Get all this content when you purchase the Titanfall 2 Deluxe Edition.


Prime Titan customization for Scorch
Prime Titan customization for Ion
Thunderbird Nose Arts for each Titan
Excalibur Chrome Warpaints for each Titan
Splinter Ocean Camo applicable to every Titan, Pilot and Weapon
Quantum Ocean Camo applicable to every Titan, Pilot and Weapon
Gold Caliburn Callsign

Game Information

Release Date
28th October 2016
Total Rating
Game Modes
Player Perspectives
Action, Science fiction
PlayStation 4, Xbox One