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Battlefield 4 Premium Edition CD Key is an action game and the 4th installment of the Battlefield action game franchise. It is a first-person shooter game which has been designed and developed by the Swedish video game manufacturing company named EA Digital Illusions. It has been published by Electronic Arts. The game allows you to fire dual scoped weapons in different firing modes such as semi –automatic and automatic fire. With the Premium Edition, you can join buddies in a unique multiplayer experience and enter a first-person 64-player battle.

The game offers a most realistic real-world gunfight experience. You can begin with single-player battles and then engage in squad-based 64-player gun battles. There are unique vehicles, upgradable arsenal and multiple soldier classes which cannot be found in any other military style shooter game. In the Premium Edition, you can get exclusive options for personalization. There is also the ability to access the 5th installment called Final Stand two weeks ahead of time. There are 12 battlepacks you can get as bonus. You can get gun attachments, XP boosts and knives to get as an advantage. There are multiple combinations with gear for any of the 4 combat roles in the game.