GentleMoon 2

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GentleMoon 2 is a second game in GentleMoon series, an action game, filled with jokes and unlogical funny things to make you smile. The objective is to fly to the Moon and get away from the zombies this way. Before your trip to the Moon you collect the things that helps you to survive, like food, a weapon, good music, tv...


Flashlight - SCT (spinning christmas tree)

Weapon - CRAP (chair rendering apple pie)

Car - made of Comic Book and Magic

Rocket to fly to the Moon - Santa's "borrowed" sledges

Multiple targets to shoot - Afro Zombies and Penguins... What else would you need?

Silly jokes all over the place!

GentleMoon 2 Activation Instructions

Game Information
Release Date June 7, 2016
Total Rating 90%
Game Modes Single player
Player Perspectives First person
Genres Shooter, Indie
Themes Action
Platforms PC (Microsoft Windows)