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ARMA 2 Operation Arrowhead CD Key is actually Bohemia Interactive’s standalone pack. Three new multi-player maps have been included in this expansion along with new equipments and vehicles and new campaign and new factions. As on February 2015, more than 3.5 million copies had been sold. The publisher of the game is 505 Games and Meridian 4 and it runs on Real Virtuality 3 Engine. This game got released on 29th June, 2010 and was developed for MS Windows platform. It is both a multiplayer and single player game.

The player in ARMA 2 is able to take the role of different military duties, ranging from Special Forces operative, simple infantry man, combat helicopter pilot or tank commander. Players can perform their tasks like that of the real soldier when in combat. Besides the campaign, simulated training program and mini-missions could be participated by the player. ARMA 2 has been set in Takistan’s fictional country in 2012 summer, which was then future. Real Virtuality- 3 Engine’s customized version had been used by Bohemia Interactive for the game. Moreover, AMD Eyefinity has been validated for the game. Critics gave the gameplay with warm reviews, with some stating of its beauty, action and realism.