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For Honor CD Key

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For Honor CD Key is considered to be a slash and hack video game, whose developer and publisher is Ubisoft Montreal. The game has been designed for Xbox One, PS 4 and MS Windows and got announced at Electronic Entertainment Expo 2015. ‘Art of Battle’ is the hand to hand combat system that has been featured in this game by the developers. It allows the players to emulate the roles of those historical soldiers, like that of the Vikings, Samurai and Knights. Its director is Jason Vanden Berghe. It runs on AnvilNext Engine and is both a multiplayer and single player game.

It is rather regarded to be a non-fantasy game that has been set in the medieval period. The characters that can be chosen by the players are from three factions, which are The Warborn, The Chosen and The Legion, with the three factions representing the Vikings, Samurai and the Knight. Different classes are said to enjoy having different weapons and abilities, with players being offered with customization facilities. It is possible to have the character’s genders as well as their armors to be customized and changed according to the requirements. For fighting, the players can make use of melee weapons like swords and axes.

CD Key Store Original Name Price Stock
For Honor PC $21.39 Yes
For Honor $22.36 Yes
For Honor (PC) $22.74 Yes
For Honor $23.38 Yes
For Honor (EMEA ONLY) $26.01 Yes
For Honor CD Key For Uplay $26.09 Yes
For Honor UPLAY cd-key EU $27.17 Yes
For Honor Cd Key EU UPlay $35.41 Yes
For Honor Uplay CD-KEY EU $39.99 Yes
For Honor Uplay CD Key $54.51 Yes
For Honor Steam Key GLOBAL $55.48 Check

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