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Euro Truck Similator 2 CD Key

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ETS2 or Euro Truck Similator 2 CD Key as it is known popularly is considered to be a vehicle simulation based game whose publisher and developer is SCS Software. This game has been designed for Mac OS X, Linux and MS Windows. On 19th October 2012, it was launched initially as open development. It has been stated to be the 2008 launched ‘Euro Truck Simulator’ game’s direct sequel and second in the series.

In the game, the player is allowed to drive any articulated truck of his choice across Europe. The player needs to He is required have cargos picked up from different locations before delivering it. With the progress of the game, players can purchase more depots, vehicles and to hire drivers. More than 2 million units had been sold until April 2005. The game map comprises of Europe’s downscaled representation and tends to cover the countries partially or fully. The players are allowed to have their HQ location to be selected from any of the cities present in the map within the game. By earning money during the gameplay, new trucks can be purchased and existing ones upgraded. After every delivery, experience points are gained. This game was received positively by critics.

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