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Blackguards CD Key

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Blackguards CD Key is considered to be a tactical role playing game that was released on 24sth January 2014 for gaming platforms like OS X and MS Windows. It is Daedalic Entertainment, the German game developer and EuroVideo is its distributor. This game is said to be based upon the leading German paper and pen role playing game called ‘The Dark Eye’. This game has received positive reviews from the critics, prompting the developers to release Blackguards 2, its sequel. It is a single player game and has scored 68 out of 100 on Metacritic.

The background of the game has been set in Aventuria, the fictional world within Horasia Empire. The protagonist of the game is controlled by the player and his objective is to solve murder of the princess’ taking assistance from the different characters in his journey. The different characters in the game are Naurim, the dwarven bootlegger; Aurelia of Neetha, who is a witch; Zurbaran Florios, the decadent black magician; Niam of Mikram, the half-elf princess and a drug addict; and Takate, the indigenous gladiator.

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