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Blackguards 2 CD Key

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Blackguards-2 is the second installment of the strategy-RPG game Blackguards. With a darker and more intense story, filled with crime and gore, the game stands out with each action coming with its own consequences. Death is always waiting to happen and you need to wisely take decisions. The story takes off 3 years after the machinations of Count Uria. A noble young woman named Cassia aims to ascend the Shark Throne at any cost. She attempts to break out of prison and overthrow Marwan who is on the throne. In order to do this, she has to hire an army of Sellswords and also get assistance from the Vanquishers of the Nine Hordes. As Cassia, you have to hire mercenaries and raise a powerful army to battle the men of Marwan. You also need to use your trickery to get out of the walls of the dungeon.

In your Blackguards 2 CD Key, you can command a maximum of 20 characters in the small army against Marwan. You need to wisely choose your skills, spell and talents as these things will determine your battlefield strategies. With powerful abilities and spells, you can kill your foes and also find out new routes to go to Aventuria.

CD Key Store Original Name Price Stock
Blackguards 2 $4.19 Yes
Blackguards 2 $4.56 Yes
Blackguards 2 $4.62 Yes
Blackguards 2 PC $10.13 Yes
Blackguards II $15.89 Check

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