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The story-based adventure with elements of strategy and roguelike in set of fantasy world. The ancient order of mages Viates and their immortal Chancellor will fight against upcoming destructions and Chaos. Looking for the cause of imminent havoc the new ruler of magical city will face difficult choices, gain experience and knowledge, travel to distant worlds in order to find answers. Discover if Mittelborg has a chance of survival?


This turn-based survival saga tells about a collapse of our world, a mix of strategy and resource management, created in the spirit of the Oregon, King of dragon pass and fantasy series Heroes of the Might and Magic.
You take a role of the immortal Chancellor in the city of mages in between worlds. Your Power is a heavy burden and you have to be prepared for tough choices. All decisions matter, but none of them are final.
Your aim of the game is to protect the Tree of Order, the symbol of balance and to rescue magic from oblivion. You will look for resources, try to survive in mystical tempests, and send off mages to different magical worlds in order to find out a cause of upcoming Chaos.
Develop various tactics and find one you like, train your logic. Discover how to
gather the most powerful arsenal of spells or how to save mages from roaring tempests. Mages
wait for your command and they are ready for expeditions and miraculous adventures. Will you be the one who rescue Mittelborg?

Game Information

Release Date
20th June 2019
Asterion Games, Armatur Games
Total Rating
Content Rated
T (Teen)
Game Modes
Single player
Player Perspectives
Simulator, Strategy, Adventure, Indie
Fantasy, Survival
PC (Microsoft Windows), Nintendo Switch